Why the Australian Government has no idea what it’s doing about the big fish game

The Big Fish game, the Australian government’s flagship plan to tackle the big-fish issue, has been put on hold indefinitely as a result of a court ruling.

The move was made last week, with the Federal Court of Appeal finding the Government had no case to answer.

“The decision by the Court of Appeals was made without any basis to determine that the Government was not in a position to address the major issue of the big game,” said Andrew Wightman, the federal environment minister.

“This is a matter for the courts to decide, but we’ll continue to work towards a solution for the future.”

The Government is appealing the decision.

The case was brought by the Australian Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit conservation group.

The foundation said the decision would leave a “significant impact” on the game’s survival and recovery.

“It will also leave a significant impact on the wildlife population of the Great Barrier Reef and on the sustainability of our fisheries,” said the foundation’s senior adviser, Peter McManus.

The Federal Court decision came after the ABC reported last month that the government had spent $1 billion on the program over the past four years.

The ABC reported that more than half of that money had gone to the Great Basin Fisheries Program.

The program was announced in January 2015, and was expected to cost $1.1 billion.

The government has said it plans to spend about $1 trillion over the next 20 years.

But the government has failed to meet its own targets for the Great Australian Biodiversity Fund, which is meant to fund research on the big animals, and has also failed to reduce pollution in the Great Rivers System.

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