Which is worse: Killing someone with a gun or using a bomb?

A video released by the U.S. military last month shows a Navy SEAL killing an Afghan national by detonating an explosive device in his body.

But another video shows a member of the U:S.

Army using a grenade to destroy a Taliban camp, according to an analysis by Military Times.

And a military spokesman said Friday that a U.K. soldier was also killed by an improvised explosive device last month in a suicide attack.

The attacks have raised questions about the ability of the military to train and equip local forces to defeat the Taliban.

The Taliban are known to have carried out numerous attacks in Afghanistan, and the U.:S.

government has said that at least six Americans were killed by the group since it began launching attacks in the country in late 2001.

While the U., the U of A and the Royal British Legion all say they have conducted a review of their training programs in the past, many experts say that will not solve the long-running problem of improvised explosive devices that can be detonated with a single detonation.

In this photo provided by the Royal U:s Navy, U. S. Navy Seals stand guard at the water surface in the port of Hamdan, Afghanistan, in this November 16, 2010 file photo.

A U. of A spokesman said the program would not be suspended because of the recent incidents.

“The U.:S.-led program is the highest priority for the Royal Navy,” said spokesman Mark Vigdor.

“There are also several other programs that are in place that provide greater assurance and support to our armed forces.”

He said the Royal Marines’ “specialist, support and training capabilities are among the most advanced and well-trained on the planet.”

The U:ss has conducted an investigation into the Taliban’s training programs.

“While the Department of Defense (DOD) will not confirm specific specific attacks, we will not stand back from our commitment to providing our partners in the Afghan Government with the training and support they need to combat the Taliban,” Vigdors statement said.

After the Taliban launched attacks against Afghan troops in 2001, the Pentagon imposed harsh military discipline on its forces, limiting their ability to attack U.N. bases.

The U.s military has also been criticized for its use of excessive force, especially against civilians, and for using harsh interrogation methods.

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