What’s the deal with Molly’s game?

A woman from Kentucky is claiming she was fired for playing Molly’s Game.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday in federal court in Louisville, Kentucky, Molly’s Gamers is seeking $4 million in damages, alleging that she was forced out of her job as a game developer after her team was accused of copying and distributing Molly’s games.

Molly’s Gam, a Kentucky-based gaming startup, says the company fired the former game developer because she had made a copy of Molly’s “Molly” game, which she had purchased online.

Macy Denniston is suing the company, the gaming website GameSpot, GameStop, its parent company Activision Blizzard, the former Molly’s Games developer and its former employees for copyright infringement.

She also is suing for punitive damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

“We’re looking at a $4.8 million award,” said Michael O’Connell, Mollys attorney.

“I think it’s a lot, but I’m going to go with $4,” said Dennismons lawyer, Brian J. O’Connor.

Mally’s Gam says it had to close the business in January of this year after the company was accused by a woman named Melissa Tompkins of illegally copying Molly’s original games and selling them on her website.

“Molly was a very successful game developer,” O’Connors attorney said.

“I think they’re going to make it a very high standard that they’re not going to copy her games.

They’re going a little bit too far.

She’s doing that for money, not for enjoyment.”

The suit says Tompinks copied a lot of Mollys original games in order to make money off of her “Mollys” business.

It alleges that she created a website where she was selling games for $3, but her games were not on her site.

It also says she stole a copy from a woman she called “Sara” and sold it on her Facebook page, and that she also copied her game from a website called GameBub, which has since been taken down.

Tompkins told FOX News in a phone interview that she had never heard of Molly before.

“It wasn’t something that Molly had done,” she said.

“There were no sales on Molly’s site,” she added.

“So, she was very confused by it.

She was like, ‘What’s going on?’

It just didn’t seem like she was getting the game.

So, she sold it to another website.

So it was a lot.

It was pretty scary.

It wasn’t like it was stealing from Molly.”

Mollys attorney said she’s now trying to sell the company on the Internet, where she says her rights are protected.

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