The Warriors game is coming to the iPhone 8S

Apple is planning to launch a new version of its flagship game app for the iPhone X this summer, with developers saying it will allow players to experience the new hardware as if they’re using an iPhone 8.

A handful of apps will also launch as a free update, including The Warriors, which is a game developed by Golden State Warriors developers and recently acquired by Microsoft.

The Warriors game for the Apple iPhone X is being developed by Warriors Game Studios, which will be led by NBA legends Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

It’s a Warriors-themed game that allows players to play as their favorite players from the past, present and future, as well as unlock exclusive content.

“The Warriors is an all-new game experience that takes players on an exciting journey as they explore their new home in an authentic Golden State and the world of The Warriors,” said Paul Rizvi, senior vice president of game design at Golden State.

“This is a great way to get players excited about our game, which we’re thrilled to share with Apple.”

The game will launch as an app for both iOS and Mac in the coming weeks, with more updates planned for iOS, according to Golden State’s marketing team.

The app will also offer a new feature called the “All-Access Pass,” allowing users to play the game offline.

“We believe players will love the All-Access pass, which lets them jump into the game in the comfort of their own home,” Rizqi said.

“For example, when they’re not online, they can jump right into the Warriors game right from their Apple Watch.

We’ll also continue to bring the All the Stats to the game.””

This game will provide an incredible platform for players to showcase their skills,” Rizzi added.

The game is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019, with a launch date for the second quarter still to be announced.

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