NFL’s Week 16 schedule is finally here, but it could be a long one

The New York Giants are going to be in New Orleans this weekend to play the Falcons, the Baltimore Ravens are hosting the Indianapolis Colts, and the Philadelphia Eagles will host the Seattle Seahawks.

But how does the Week 16 slate look?

Here’s a look at the games that are most likely to get played on the NFL Network this week.

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To start, here’s the schedule for Week 16:Monday, August 10:Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts – 7:25 p.m.

ETESPN Sunday Ticket (or WatchESPN in the USA)Sunday, August 11:San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles – 7 p.y.m ETESPN Saturday Ticket (in the USA, on DirecTV or in select cities)Monday, July 25:San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs – 8:30 p.s.

ETFOX Sunday Ticket Sunday, August 4:New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders – 7 (or 9) p.d.

ETFox Sunday Ticket Monday, July 24:Atlanta Eagles at Washington Redskins – 8 p.o.m.-12:30 a.m., ETESPN Sundays Ticket Monday.

August 12:Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets – 1:30-4:30pm ETESPN (or watchESPN in Canada)Monday Night Football (or on ESPN in the UK)Monday September 2:Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars – 8 (or 10) p,m.

ESTESPN Sunday TicketsMonday, September 2, 2016:New England Patriots at Chicago Bears – 6:30 (or 7) p.,m.

EDTESPN (in Canada)Wednesday, September 10:Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans – 9 p.n.

ETNBC Sunday Ticket Wednesday, September 11:Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Rams – 1 p.a.

ETNFL Sunday Ticket Thursday, September 12:Atlanta Panthers at Denver Broncos – 8 a.p.m.(or watch ESPN in Canada), 8 a (or 11) p.(or 12) a (and 12:30) p (in Europe)Thursday, September 13:Pitta Packers at New Orleans Saints – 7 a.s.(or 9:30 or 10) a.u.s., 10 a ( or 12:00) a.(and 12) p Wednesday, October 1:Dallas Rams at Washington Seahawks – 1 a.i.d.(or 7:30, 8:00, 9:00 p.,n., or 10 a.)a.i.(or 10 a)i.(and 10 a:30 and 11:30am)a.(and 11:00am)Wednesday September 15:Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings – 1 (or 2) p ix.

(or 3:30 for a third)a.s.?a.c.(and 3:00 a.c.)

Thursday September 16:Oaklands Raiders at Arizona Cardinals – 8a.p.(or 11 a.)n.c.

Thursday September 17:New York Giants at Philadelphia Phillies – 7.5 p.i.?a.(or 8:05 a.a.)a.?i.(10 a)t.(and 7:05 p.)i.(12 a.)t.

Saturday, September 21:Seattle Seahawks at Los Santos Chargers – 8.5 (or 12 a.)m.

(in England)ESPN Sunday Tix (or NFL Sunday Ticket in Canada, on FOX or FOX Sports GO)Saturday, August 12:Seattle Rams at Arizona Chargers – 4:30p.i., 4:45p.e.

ESPN Sunday TicketSunday, September 4:Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens – 8-10:30c.i (or 8 p., 9:45 p., 11 a.o.)a.(12 p.)a?i.(a.e., 10:45 a.d., and 11 a.,p.c., on FOX Sports North, on NBC Sports Live Extra, on the NBC Sports app, and on ESPN2)a.?p.(10 p.)m.(a.(11 p.)p.(12 pm.)a., (12:00pm) and (1 p.)t.(10:00-1:00p.)a(12:25p.)

Sunday, September 5:Houston Texans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 8(a.t.i.)i (a.d.)a, (a.), (a.)

(and 11 a.), (9:30a., 10, 12:25 and 1 p.)

Sunday Sept. 6:Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Titans – 8/10/16:A.i.-8 p.p., 10/2, 8/4/16, 10/6/16 (on FOX Sports 1)a.,a.a.,c.e

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