I’m going to the mall, I don’t have to pay for it!

A woman has launched a social media campaign to get her car to stop working if she doesn’t pay for the upkeep.

In an apparent attempt to combat the rising cost of petrol, Liz Crouch, 28, has created a website where she is encouraging her friends and family to contribute to the car’s upkeep.

‘We have to stop paying for the gas and maintenance costs,’ she said.

‘If you don’t want to pay, don’t put your car in the garage.’

Liz Copley, 28 Source: Instagram/lizcopley Facebook page  The campaign is a way for people to support the charity, which she started in December.

It allows them to pay to have the car fitted with a new tyre, and they can use it for three days.

It’s a relatively small amount of money, but it’s the equivalent of buying a car that costs between £250 and £400.

‘It’s a bit like putting a garden hose in your car.

You just put it in the back and you’ve got to put the hose in the hose,’ she explained.

‘I thought I could do it myself and the people who wanted to help me could help me too.’

Liz has a wife, daughter and two young children, and she is now looking for more people to help her with the expense of maintenance.

‘We don’t just have the cars we’re driving,’ she told MailOnline.

‘The car needs a new wheel, the tyres need a new set of tyres and the batteries need a replacement battery.’

She added that her car’s tyres have been running for over five years.

She said that if she didn’t pay her bills, she’d have to put her car into a garage.

Liz Copleymaid is a social activist and a student at Bristol University.

The car has a new tread and tyre in it and has been running since 2013.

 ‘If I didn’t have my car I wouldn’t be able to do this,’ she added.

‘For every £1 we spend on fuel, we’re spending £2 on petrol, £1 on maintenance.

We’re paying £150 to the Government and we’re paying thousands of pounds to the petrol companies.’

It’s not just the amount of fuel that is being spent on repairs, but the cost of the repair itself.

As well as being charged for the car, the charity is also charged for fuel and the maintenance of the tyres.

It costs between around £250 to £400 for a tyre to be replaced.

‘You’re getting paid for every penny that you spend on it,’ she continued.

‘Every penny is wasted on fuel and maintenance, which is the cheapest fuel we can buy.’

Lloyd Gough, CEO of the charity Car Share, which supports people with older vehicles, agreed.

He told Mail Online: ‘It can be very costly to pay the bills on older vehicles.

‘A car is a luxury and if you can’t afford to buy a new one you’ll just have to keep one.’

He said that it could be a huge waste of money for someone like Liz Cough to go out and buy a car.

“If you have the money to buy the car you can save the cost,” he added.

I’m a social worker who works with people who have dementia, he added, but added that this type of scheme could be beneficial for people who don’t yet have the resources to buy their own car.

‘What if people who aren’t already car owners were able to put some of their money towards their upkeep?’

It could be more sustainable and less expensive.’

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