How to watch the Steelers game today

How to Watch Steelers Football: Steeler Stadium in Pittsburgh Today: Steelers vs. PatriotsSteelers vs. EaglesSteelers @ BengalsSteelers at FalconsSteelers in DenverSteelers Super Bowl LI – Game 4Steelers win game 4 in overtimeSteelers beat Ravens by 14 points to win Super BowlLIVE StreamSteelers Game Live Stream Pittsburgh Steelers vs RavensSteelers are 3-1 heading into the AFC title game, and their 3-2 record has them on pace to finish with a perfect record, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin will be under pressure to do what he can to keep his team in playoff contention with his offense, defense and special teams dominating.

Tomlin has gone to great lengths to keep the Steelers offense humming along.

Tomlins offense is averaging 624 yards per game, scoring 18.5 points per game.

Tomls defense is allowing just 15.9 points per contest.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is second on the team with 19 catches for 248 yards and two touchdowns.

The Steelers have the best scoring defense in the NFL at -2.4 points per drive.

Pittsburgh is the only team in the league with three defensive touchdowns this season.

Brown has been targeted 17 times, which is more than the team average of eight catches.

Pittsburgh Steelers at PatriotsSteeler vs. BengalsSteeler Super Bowl LII – Game 1Steelers 17-10 over Patriots Super Bowl 2 – Game 7Steelers won the AFC North, finishing with a 2-0 record in their first season since 2002.

The Steelers are coming off a 20-20 overtime win over the Bengals in Week 7 of the regular season, which was the only time they’ve been down by double digits all season.

Pittsburgh was up 24-17 in the third quarter, but Cincinnati scored a game-winning touchdown on a fumble recovery.

The Patriots were in the game with a 14-6 lead heading into halftime.

After the Steelers touchdown, Tomlin threw a touchdown pass to receiver Steve Smith for a 10-7 lead.

After another touchdown pass by Smith to tight end Rob Gronkowski, Gronkowski ran up the middle and caught a 27-yard touchdown pass from Brady for a 16-14 lead.

Tomlin had a rough first half.

After throwing three interceptions, he threw an interception to wide receiver Greg Little, who was running around the right side of the field.

After Brady caught the ball, Tomlins receivers were lined up on opposite sides of the formation.

Brady was wide open and Tomlin missed the interception.

Brady made the throw after the officials called it.

Brady took off running, but Brady was tackled by Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

Tomislays first interception was a 13-yard pass to running back Dwayne Bowe.

After that, the Patriots were able to get their momentum back with a field goal.

Brady threw for a touchdown to tight ends Martellus Bennett and Brandon Bolden in the fourth quarter.

The Pats then scored on a field goals attempt by tight end Brandon Lloyd, which caught Brady’s attention.

Brady found Lloyd for a 25-yard field goal with 1:23 left in the second quarter.

Brady’s next touchdown pass came to linebacker Danny Lansanah in the first quarter.

Lansanas touchdown was a 17-yard strike to wide out Julian Edelman.

The two completions came on fourth-and-6, and Brady completed two passes to Edelman and Bolden for 26 yards and a first down.

Brady then threw a 27 and 35 yard touchdown passes to Julian Edelman and Julian Edinger to tight tight end Devin Funchess to give the Steelers a 23-20 lead with 6:42 remaining.

Brady finished the game throwing for 297 yards and four touchdowns.

After an early interception by Patriots safety Malcolm Butler, Brady found linebacker Ryan Clark for a 28-yard TD pass.

The pass was incomplete and Brady had two other interceptions, but he was able to throw a 29-yarder to Edelmann for a game tying score with 6 seconds left.

Brady had a long touchdown pass, and it was an out route.

After a short gain by the Patriots, Brady hit tight end Greg Little for a 19-yard gain.

Brady completed his third pass of the day with a 3-yard run to Bolden with 10 seconds left in regulation.

Brady hit Edelman for a 3 yard score.

Brady scored his second touchdown of the game on a 4-yard rush to make it a 20 point game with 6 minutes left in overtime.

Brady would go on to throw for two touchdowns to Edels fourth and 6, with a 17 yard TD pass to Brandon Lloyd.

Brady went on to run for a 33-yard score to make the game 21-17.

The final drive of regulation was a touchdown drive by the Steelers.

Brady and Edelman combined for three receptions for 37 yards and Brady threw an incompletion.

Brady later threw an incomplete

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