How to make a game about the Ravens game

The Ravens are the NFL’s most hated team, with more than 100,000 fans booing the team at home games and hundreds of fans at the NFL offices in St. Louis each week.

They are also the most expensive team in NFL history.

But the team is the reason they get booed, according to a new study.

The team’s reputation as a “team that plays for the fans” is what’s driving fans to show up to the games and cheer, a new survey shows.

And they’ve been doing that in droves, the study found.

The study, led by Professor Michael R. Jost of the University of California, Santa Barbara, surveyed nearly 500 fans who had never attended a Ravens game.

The average age was 25, and most of them had never seen the team.

It also found that most of the people who attended a game said they didn’t even know that the team was a team.

“We found that when fans were introduced to the Ravens they were much more likely to be able to identify the team, say that they are passionate about it and they will go out and buy tickets,” Jost said.

“And that’s just by the nature of how the team has been portrayed over the years.”

The study is the latest attempt to measure the fan’s response to the team over the past decade, and the findings are consistent with those in a recent survey of fans by the sports research company Nielsen.

That study found that the Ravens had been perceived as the most hated sports team in the U.S. since 2007.

A 2013 Nielsen survey found that only 15 percent of NFL fans said they liked the team and only 16 percent of fans were happy with the team’s team logo.

The Ravens had an average rating of 6.5 out of 10, according the Nielsen survey.

But Jost’s survey found the team to be “extremely popular” in the NFL.

Fans had shown a clear preference for the team in recent years.

In 2016, the team had the second-most popular team name on Twitter and on the official Ravens Twitter feed, according, to Nielsen, and had the most number of tweets about it on Instagram.

The group was also the fifth-most-liked NFL team on Reddit and Facebook, according an analysis by The Washington Post.

And the Ravens are still the most popular team on Google searches for “NFL.”

The Ravens game has become an instant sensation.

A recent study by the analytics company PwC found that Ravens fans were the most likely to show interest in the game in 2016, when it was in its second season, and that this season they’ve watched more than 4.4 million hours of the game.

That number was up from 1.3 million hours in 2015, according Nielsen.

The research also found the Ravens were one of the top-performing sports teams in the world.

“Fans are not only buying tickets for the Ravens, but they are also spending money on the team,” J, the lead author of the study, said in a statement.

“The fans are willing to pay a premium to see their team win.”

The poll of 1,200 fans also found a large proportion of Ravens fans have become more loyal to the franchise, with nearly two-thirds of them saying they’d continue to attend games even if they weren’t fans.

And most fans said their support for the franchise was a factor in their decision to show the team their allegiance, with 84 percent saying they were influenced by the team being a “family” and 86 percent saying their loyalty was due to “the team’s good character.”

“I’m a Ravens fan,” one fan told the survey.

“I like the Ravens and I want to support the team.”

The survey also found many fans said the team deserves more respect.

“When I watch the game, I like the fans and I like their team,” one person told the study.

“But when I see the players, I hate them.”

The majority of fans who answered the survey said they felt they could make a difference by standing up for the players.

The survey found nearly one-third of Ravens fan support came from outside the organization, with 67 percent saying the team deserved more attention from the media and 67 percent supporting the organization in general.

“These are people who are not fans of the team or who do not care about the team as a whole,” J. said.

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