How to be a good female gamer

The latest game pass deal has put a lot of pressure on women to play as much as they can, with the number of titles available now set to be much higher than before.

We talk to the industry’s biggest female gamers about their thoughts on the new games and the pressure to do the best they can.

This week’s topic: How to play a female gamer, and how to play them well.

1:55: What are the main things a female game player needs to know about the industry?

1:59: The industry needs to make a concerted effort to help women in the industry.

2:04: Is there a big difference between the types of women you see playing games and those that play them professionally?

2:10: How important is being a good gamer for your career?

2.03: What’s the best way to make your first female game play?

2,072: How does being a woman affect the game industry as a whole? 2

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