GOP candidate wants to ‘save the economy’ from Democrats

Donald Trump on Sunday called on Democrats to put their own economic interests ahead of those of the country and said the GOP’s plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code is a “big step in the right direction.”

Trump made the comments during an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, who asked the GOP candidate what he would do about the nations finances.

Trump said that he’d have to renegotiate the countrys tax code in order to “save the country from Democrats” in the upcoming tax overhaul.

“I’m going to renegotiat the tax code.

You’ve got to renegotiated the tax law.

That’s what it’s about,” Trump said.

“We’re going to save the country, we’re going be a big, big country.”

Trump, however, said that the tax overhaul has to be for the country to prosper.

“They’re going out of business.

They’re going bankrupt.

They’ve had to be bought by foreigners,” Trump told Wallace.

“So, you’re going see a big change in our economy, and it’s going to be really good for the people of this country.”

On Friday, Trump said that if elected, he would make it easier for people to invest in the economy.

“If I’m elected, I’m going the opposite of Hillary Clinton, because I’m not going to let them make the people dependent on their taxes dependent on the taxes of the American people,” Trump, a Republican, said.

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