Game of Thrones: What you need to know

With the last season of Game of the Thrones coming to an end, we asked fans to tell us their favorite moments from the first season.

We wanted to know what you thought about the show and what you’re looking forward to most from season 2.

You can see the full list of questions below.

Game of Thrones season 1: What do you remember about season 1?

Game of the Throne: How will season 2 play out?

What will the first half of season 2 be like?

Season 1: Season 2 is coming to a close, and I know you’re anxiously awaiting the second half of the season.

You’ve been a loyal fan since season 1, and as you’re about to see the characters come back together for the first time in over three years, I’m excited to see what the final two episodes will bring to the series.

Are you looking forward for more season 2 adventures, or do you feel like there will be little to no story to pick up after the events of season 1 wrapped?

Season 2: The first half will be full of surprises, but I know that most of you are expecting a lot of new stories in season 2, so you might have to wait a bit for the full picture.

Will there be any surprises in season 1 for you?

Season 3: Season 3 will have a lot more story to tell and it will be a little different from season 1.

Are we going to see a new leader of House Tyrell, or is this just the beginning?

Season 4: I’m sure we’ll be able to expect more of Season 4.

Will the season end with a bang, or will the story continue?

I think we will be treated to a new ending for season 4.

Is it the same as season 3?

Season 5: We’re going to be seeing a lot, and you will be able, like me, to predict the ending of the series for a good amount of time.

Will it be the same way that season 4 ended, or are we going in a different direction?

Season 6: Season 6 will be the most anticipated of the four seasons.

I’m not sure how much time will pass between seasons 6 and 7, but the series is going to change so much that I think we’ll see a lot.

Will we see a return of Cersei, or a new Cersei?

Season 7: If you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones, you know that the series has been a big hit with fans and the press alike.

The last season is going be the biggest one yet, so I know we will see some changes in the way the show will be produced and released, but will it be like the first one?

Season 8: I can’t wait to see who is coming back as Cersei and who will be returning to the show as Jaime.

Are the writers really going to bring back everyone?

I know this season will be different from the other seasons.

Will you be able go back to your favourite characters or will you have to adapt to new ones?

I’m very excited about the new characters coming back, but what will be our favourite episodes to watch this season?

I hope the season ends on a high note.

Can you tell us what you think about the first two seasons, and which of the three season 3 episodes would you like to see revisited?

What are your predictions for the finale?

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